PRBSA offers baseball and softball programs for boys 3-18 and girls 3-18. Our leagues are structured for the beginner, the recreational player, and competitive player, with an emphasis on teaching and having fun.

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There are a vast number of baseball training aids available for coaches.  These are a few that we highly recommend you use as part of your daily or weekly routines.

Tees: Tees are not just for Teeball! Major leaguers use tees every day and our PRBSA players should as well. Use of tees is a simple and effective way to provide repetition and break down parts of the swing. On a more advanced scale, they can help batters prepare for different pitch locations. TIP: Instead of having 1 player in a cage hitting live pitching, utilize 4 tees and 4 players. Tees are available for your usage.

Cones: Cones offer structure and organization to your drills. They provide a visual cue to help young players understand what is being asked of them. Having 4 or more (9-12 inch) cones on hand will allow you run dozens of different drills more effectively. See Drills / Skill Development page for various uses.

Tennis, wiffle, or Tee balls: A variety of uses for both indoor and outdoor training, these ‘softer’ choices can help with fielding, hitting, and catching drills with less concern for injury or damage. Get creative. A tennis racket and tennis ball are great for fly ball practice and kids love it.

Quick/Soft Hands Training Mitt: Use in place of a glove during drills. Start by using it to play catch, then for fielding grounders. It can teach players to use 2 hands, to catch ground balls in front of them, and encourages quicker transitions from the glove. See video hereMitts are available for your usage.

Batting Cages: Batting cages are available on a first come, first serve basis at Richland Park. Use for live pitching, soft toss, and tee work. The more reps the better!

Portable Nets: When batting cages are not available, a portable net can be used. These are great in the basement during winter or for quick setup on the field when cages are full. Nets are available for your usage.


Game Time HELP:

LineUp Card - use this template to help create your lineup prior to games.

LineUp card xls - sample 2; easy for printing and including in your scorebook.