PRBSA offers baseball and softball programs for boys 3-18 and girls 3-18. Our leagues are structured for the beginner, the recreational player, and competitive player, with an emphasis on teaching and having fun.

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The following drills can be performed inside or outside and are best executed in small groups of 3 or 4 players. Set up stations with a coach managing each one, and then rotate the kids after 5-7 minutes at each station. Rotate in new drills during each practice to keep things fresh and exciting for the kids. 


Throwing Technique: Practice proper throwing technique by breaking down the motion into 3 steps.

Throwing with Momentum: This video teaches proper momentum and should not be limited to just 1B throws. I like to call it the "3 step throw" so younger kids can remember the count. You'll see a few players actually perform a cross over in the video and that's what I like to teach as it forces young players to think about footwork and throwing with a purpose. I teach my players to do this during ALL warm up tosses. 


Infield / Fielding Ground Balls: Work on proper form for catching a ground ball. Wide base, butt down, hands out in front.

Infield / Fielding Backhands: How to practice backhands and short hops.

Infield / Lateral Shuffle: Proper technique to get in front of a close-hit ground ball.

Infield / Pivot and Crossover Step: Improve quickness and acceleration when reacting to a hit ball 

Infield / Throwing to First Base: Work on momentum, body position, and follow-thru.

Infield / Underhand Flip: Important for that force out at 2B, starting double plays, or pitcher to 1B tosses.

Infield / Outfield Relay or Cutoff Drill: For this drill, line 3 players in a line, adequate throwing distance apart. The player in the middle is the Infielder / cutoff man. Have the infielder offer a good target (both hands up). Instruct the player on the outside to throw a ball to the glove side of the IF. Have the infielder, position himself to catch, turn, and throw the ball to the other player in line. Reverse it. Rotate the players after several attempts so each is in the middle.


Outfield / Drop Step: The drop step, followed by the crossover is critical to getting the proper jump on a hit to the outfield. Get behind the ball.

Outfield / Judging Fly Balls: Tracking and catching a fly ball is often difficult for players 8 and younger. You may want to use tennis balls for those having difficulty. A simple and effective drill is to have your fielder stand ready and toss a ball in the air to him. Ensure he 'gets under it'. Then toss a ball to his left, then to his right, to practice moving to the ball and 'beating the ball to the spot'.  Another version of this drill can be performed with the player running at 3/4-full speed on a right diagonal (catch and drop tossed ball), then left diagonal (catch and drop tossed ball), for 2 consecutive running catch attempts. Players love this version of the drill. You can decide how challenging each toss is by how far you toss it from them. See OSU Outfield video, drills #3 and #4 for similar examples.


Base Running / Sliding: How to teach proper sliding.

Base Running / Home to 1B: 'Taking a Peek', Running through 1B, and 'Taking the turn'. Note: I do not recommend teaching young players to "glance to foul territory" as in this video.


Pitching Mechanics

Pitching from the Windup


Pitching Drills


Additional Drill Videos

The following 3 videos have been provided to PRBSA by The Ohio State University Baseball Program. These videos provide an inside look at how a successful college program runs practices and drills similar to what you see above. Each video contains a series of different drills that can also be incorporated into your practices. Note that there is no audio.






Tee Ball Training Program: 10 week program for Tee ball instruction, via Little League Baseball.

Tee Ball Training Video : A simple and effective way to teach catching a ball.