PRBSA offers baseball and softball programs for boys 3-18 and girls 3-18. Our leagues are structured for the beginner, the recreational player, and competitive player, with an emphasis on teaching and having fun.

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PRBSA Manger Pitch Transition Softball League (Age 6)**


The PRBSA Manager Pitch Transition Softball League (Age 6) has been developed to teach the fundamentals of the game of softball such as fielding, throwing, hitting and base running.
Practice sessions typically begin the first week of April with two scheduled practices per week.  Our practices will focus on utilizing small group stations to work on the fundamentals of batting (stance & swing basics), throwing (power T, rotation to release of ball), ground ball station (basic fielding position, 2 hands to cradle), fly ball station (get to the spot, watch the ball into the glove, move forward slightly), base running(when to run through 1B, when to round), catching (starting with the coach throwing to the players and building to players catching with each other), mental/rules (1 core principal each practice- order of the bases, force out vs. tag, flyball outs, etc.)
Games typically start in late April or early May with two practices or games scheduled per week.  The Manager Pitch Transition League will mirror the basic structure of our 8U Softball League while using a safety softball versus the hard 8U softballs.  In this league players will be hitting from a coach pitcher for the first four pitches and then if the ball is not put into play they will hit from a Tee.  The batter will be called out on three strikes.  Baserunners can advance to extra bases but can also be called out.  (one base on overthrows from outfield)  In our transition league we would like our players to have a Manager Pitch experience while still focusing on safety and developing the fundamentals necessary to transition to U8 were a regulation softball is used.  Games will be four innings.
For parents interested in volunteering their services as coaches, we will be happy to provide tools that will help to make it fun and engaging for the players.  There will be a coach’s clinic prior to the season as well as ongoing support from our VP and Director of Softball.  Coaching is a fun and rewarding experience!
Our Manager Pitch Transition League utilizes a developmental approach to teaching the fundamentals of softball that will keep your young athlete engaged, moving, and having fun while learning a game they will enjoy for years to come.
For additional information or questions about our Manager Pitch Transition Softball League please feel free to contact our VP of Softball, Director of Softball, Director of Slow pitch.  Their contact information is listed on the PRBSA Website. 
All practices will be held at Richland Park, Wexford Elementary, or Richland Elementary.   Games will be held at these location or at the home field of the GPGSL team we are playing.**

Manager Pitch Softball Rules Link**

 **Depending on total roster size, this league may participate in the GPGSL and be subject to the rules of that league.  The rules of the GPGSL will supersede the rules of PRBSA during league activities.