PRBSA offers baseball and softball programs for boys 3-18 and girls 3-18. Our leagues are structured for the beginner, the recreational player, and competitive player, with an emphasis on teaching and having fun.

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2021 Tournament Team Tryouts

2021 Tournament Teams:

Click HERE to view the 2021 Tournament and Travel Team rosters

Tryout Schedule:

Friday, September 11th 

  • 7u Friday 9/11 at 6:00pm on Field 8 - Completed
  • 11u Friday 9/11 at 6:00pm on Field 6 - Completed

Sunday, September 13th

  • 9u Sunday 9/13 at 1:00pm on Field 1 - Completed
  • 10u Sunday 9/13 at 3:30pm on Field 3 - Completed
  • 8u Sunday 9/13 at 6:00pm on Field 2 - Completed

Tournament Team Tryout Overview:


Registration for the 2021 Tournament Team Tryouts is NOW CLOSED.

For those new to the program, PRBSA holds tryouts in the fall to allow our teams time to work and develop together as a team, including our winter training program, prior to the upcoming season.  This also helps with some logistical challenges such as ordering uniforms, registering for early season tournaments, and vacation planning.


The Tryout Evaluation Process
The process involves a one-day tryout and will consist of various drills and skill exercises to rank the kids compared to their peers, all conducted by independent evaluators.  (Note that there may be parents from your child’s age group involved in the tryout but they will only be helping to run the drills and not involved in the evaluating.) In addition, feedback and rankings will be considered as provided by the coaching staff of your child’s tournament team from the previous year. In the case that your child was not on a tournament team the previous year, they will be solely evaluated based on how they rank at the tryout.  It is possible that your child may be asked to return on a different day for further evaluation.  That date would likely be the scheduled rain date.

Tournament Team Roster Selection
We make every effort to place each child on a team who wants to continue their baseball season in the summer.  However, purely due to numbers, there may not be roster space on a team or enough interest to create an additional team. That being said, there is always the possibility of “cuts.”  Once again, we strive to prevent this from happening and in some cases we may combine age groups or try to assemble a team in the following weeks.  In the case where a team has an incomplete roster based on the number of kids that tried out, that team will have the option to add players without a try out to fill their roster.

Team Selection Timeframe
We expect to have all teams finalized within one week of the tryout.  Please note that some teams may be finalized earlier than others.

Expectations for Tournament Team Players
It is expected that if your child makes a team selected in the Fall, you will be committing to this team for 1 year.  Children that make these teams are required to play in-house PRBSA Spring Baseball and participate in their tournament team's Winter Training and Spring Ball activities.  Parents will also be expected to complete volunteer duties for the in-house season as well as during our host tournaments. It is expected that your child will participate in their tournament team’s Spring ball activities and Winter training. The primary tournament season will continue to be in June and July. It will be critical to communicate any planned vacations with your child’s coach and an attempt should be made to schedule any summer vacation plans around the team’s tournament schedule. Playing time will not be equal on the teams. This pertains to innings played in the field and the positions.

There will be a variety of costs associated with these teams such as tournament entry fees, uniforms, winter training fees, travel costs, etc. Be prepared to reimburse your child’s coach for these various expenses. Please be aware that many of these fees need to be paid up front.  Expenses paid for tournament/ travel teams are non-refundable.

Bat Rules for Tryouts

  • 7U through 10U must use USA certified bats
  • 11U and up may also use USSSA certified bats

Age Determination Date

  • PRBSA will continue to operate on the 4/30/21 age cutoff for its tournament teams.

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