PRBSA offers baseball and softball programs for boys 3-18 and girls 3-18. Our leagues are structured for the beginner, the recreational player, and competitive player, with an emphasis on teaching and having fun.

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The softball program PRBSA offers is considered “in house”.  Below are descriptions of the different categories of PRBSA softball.  There are many different age groups offered for slow and fast pitch.  December 31st is the date used to establish age for the coming year’s age group.  Tee ball is not listed on the softball page but girls are welcome to enroll in tee ball as well.  The two categories that PRBSA offers are U6 and U8 manager pitch and fast pitch (U10, U12, U15 and U18).  If you have interest in slow pitch, please contact the VP of Softball.  There are also tournament teams and travel softball.  Tournament and travel ball are detailed in this synopsis.  All varsity high school softball is fast pitch.  There is no slow pitch school softball.  All PRBSA softball teams play in the Greater Pittsburgh Girls Softball League (GPGSL). 

PRBSA spring softball registration begins in late January and runs through mid to late February.  The spring season begins in early April and the month of April is mostly practices.  Games will begin in late April or early May and run through mid/June.  The year-end tournament is usually the last two weeks of June and is held at different community fields.  Fall registration starts in late July and runs through mid/August.  The season starts right after registration ends.  The first two or three weeks consist of practices with games starting in early September and going until the end of October.   Traditionally the U8 teams have played at Richland Park for their home games.  All the other PRBSA softball teams practice and play home games at Richland Elementary, Wexford Elementary and the High School field.  All of the softball teams will travel to surrounding communities for their away games. 

TEE BALL – This is for girls and boys from ages 3 to 5.  Coaches will teach the very basics of throwing, fielding and hitting.  The athletes will hit off a tee and gradually move to hitting a pitched ball later in the year.  All the games and practices were held at Richland Park in 2014.  Every athlete will bat each inning and no score is kept.  If your daughter is capable she may play U6 Manager Pitch as a 5 year old. 

U6 MANAGER PITCH - This is a transitional league for girls in between tball and U8 manager pitch.  In this league the girls will continue to learn the fundamentals of softball. 

U8 MANAGER PITCH – This is for girls who are 8 years old or younger on December 31st.  This age group is open for 6 year olds also.  If the athlete has played tee-ball for a year or more and the parents feel that their child will no longer benefit, she may play up.  At this age group the manager pitches to the girls.  The games are competitive and 3 strikes constitute an out.  Batters normally get 7 or 8 pitches in an at bat.  A third strike foul ball continues the “at bat”.   There is no stealing.  There is also no bunting at this level.   Coaches will teach the basics of throwing, catching, batting and base running.  We encourage coaches to start teaching sliding at this level.  There is a five run per inning limit.  Coaches are the umpires.  Score is kept.  In 2014 the U8 teams played and practiced their home games at Richland Park.  The U8 teams do travel to surrounding communities to play away games. 

FAST PITCH – Fast pitch starts at U10 (under 10) and goes up through U18. Your daughter qualifies for the U10 age group if she is 10 or younger on December 31.   Some 8 year olds play up at this age, but they should be advanced for their age group and not afraid of the fast pitched ball.  The girls begin to pitch at this age.  At U10 only, if a batter gets 4 balls or is hit by a pitch then her coach will come in a pitch to her.  She will then hit the ball or strike out.  Runners can steal very base but home. There is bunting at this level.   There is a GPGSL-run year-end tournament for every age group.  There is a 5 run limit per inning.  Coaches will focus on the basics of throwing, fielding and batting with bunting. We also start to work on situational softball trying to get the girls to understand what to do in most game situations that will come up.  If you want your daughter to play up as an 8 year old you will need to email the Softball Vice President to get a special link for the web site.

SLOW PITCH – Please contact the VP of softball if interested in slow pitch softball.

WINTER TRAINING – Offered to any softball player who was enrolled in either the Spring or Fall season the year before.  Winter training is for all ages from U8 to U15.  Training will focus on all aspects of softball and will be tailored to the individual abilities of the girls enrolled.  Players are normally divided into groups based on age and ability.  PRBSA softball coaches will instruct and rely on parent involvement.  PRBSA will bring in professional coaches whenever possible. 

TOURNAMENT SOFTBALL – TS is usually played after the in house season is over.  There are tournaments for slow and fast pitch softball.  This typically means that the TS team is playing in late June and July.  Teams consist of the best 10 or 11 players from the same community.  This process normally requires a try out.  Any parent of a player registered for the spring may take a tournament team. It is preferable that the parent also be a coach in the spring, but it is not a requirement.  Competition is much better, so you want someone who can really teach and push the girls.  TS is a great way to get a lot more softball practice and for the girls to bond and compete together.  Tournaments that this team would compete in are considered B or C class tournaments. Tournament options can be found at, see the tournament tab.  These tournaments normally cost between $250 and $400 per tournament.  If you are interested in coaching a tournament team please contact the Vice President of Softball for PRBSA.  The team needs insurance and PRBSA’s insurance can be used which is one of the reasons to contact the league.  Tournament Softball is great way to help build the softball program so please consider taking a team!

TRAVEL SOFTBALL – Travel Softball is not part of PRBSA.  Travel Softball requires a full year commitment.  Teams consist of players from different communities who all tried out and made the team.  These teams practice and play in tournaments all year round.  Each organization is different so the number of tournaments you play in varies depending on the organization.  The tournaments these teams play in are considered “A” and “B” class tournaments.  Try outs are normally held in late July and early August.  It can be very challenging to earn a spot on a travel team.  Some of the local teams to Pine Richland are Steel City Select, Power, Passion and the Bandits.  An internet search for travel softball would produce a list of teams in the Pittsburgh area.  If you have interest, research the organizations and try out dates.  It is recommended that you interview the coaches of the team your daughter is trying out for.  A year is long time to be with the same coach so make sure you like them.  Travel softball is not free, each organization is different and the costs will vary.