PRBSA offers baseball and softball programs for boys 3-18 and girls 3-18. Our leagues are structured for the beginner, the recreational player, and competitive player, with an emphasis on teaching and having fun.

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This section is designed to better prepare coaches, parents, and players prior to, and during the baseball season. It was put together to limit the amount of research and preparation you need to do as a coach or parent - and to better equip your young player with the tools he/she needs to become a better player.  

In the subsequent sections, you will find content serving as a single reference point to answer a variety of baseball training and development questions, including:

What equipment would be good to use for development?

How can I run a better practice?

What drills can/should I use with my player(s)?

How can I work on skill development at home, indoors or outdoors?  

How many pitches should my pitcher(s) be throwing?


The curriculum on these training pages is meant to serve as a guide to help better prepare your young players. Our hope is that you incorporate several of these drills into your practices and daily routines, on the field and at home.  Like any sport, baseball players get better with repetition. Keep in mind, indoor drills can easily be performed outside and vice versa. By incorporating drills and stations like you see on the DRILLS / SKILL DEVELOPMENT tab, you will keep it fun, provide your players more reps, spend less time standing around, and develop the fundamental skills necessary to succeed at the game of baseball. 

Note: PRBSA does not own or have any relationships with the content owners (videos) on these pages. As it is not necessary to re-create what is already vastly available on the internet today, we hope this serves as your development portal. I hope you find the information helpful and put it to good use, as I have.


VP Training and Development