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    Pine Richland Baseball and Softball Association is pleased to announce that Nick Guido has been nominated to serve as the next President of PRBSA.  The board will vote Mr. Guido in as President at the upcoming August 13, 2023 Board Meeting.
    A nominating committee has also been appointed to help nominate candidates to fill all positions of the board.  Nominations will be considered and presented to the Board prior to the annual meeting of the board, held in September.  If you have interest in serving on the PRBSA Board or would like more information please reach out to  Positions to be appointed at the September meeting are:

    The following Officer positions are two year terms Sept 2023 thru Sept 2025, additional positions may be appointed by the Board from time to time as deemed necessary:

    ·         Vice President of Softball;
    ·         Vice President of Baseball 13 & up;
    ·         Vice President Tournament & Player Development;

    The Directors of the Association (1 year term) shall include the following positions and the Board of Directors may appoint such other Director positions as it may deem necessary from time to time:
    ·         League Director – Intro To T-Ball & T-Ball (Boys & Girls age 3, 4, 5 )
    ·         League Director – MPT and U6 Softball;
    ·         League Director –U8 Softball;
    ·         League Director - Manager Pitch 7U & 8U Baseball;
    ·         League Director – U10, U12 & U15 Softball;
    ·         League Director - Minors 9U & 10U Baseball;
    ·         League Director - Majors 11U & 12U Baseball;
    ·         Director of Baseball Player & Coach Development
    ·         Director of Concessions Committee
    ·         Director of Field Equipment and Maintenance
    ·         Director of Field Scheduling
    ·         Director of Fundraising and Special Events
    ·         Director of Softball Player & Coach Development
    ·         Director of Sports Equipment
    ·         Director of Uniforms
    ·         Director of Website and Registration

    PRBSA is here to encourage and promote baseball and softball activities for youth ages three to eighteen from in Pine Township and Richland Township.   We strive to positively influence our young athlete’s development – athletic, personal, and civic.   Offering opportunities for all skill levels of all ages (beginners through intense tournament/travel schedules) - including a Cooperstown Bid!  Begin the season with our Opening Day Bash and finish with Champions Day where everyone is a Champ!!!  Then look to continue the experience into the summer and fall with Tournament and Fall Season opportunities.

    Intro to T-ball (3-4)
    T-ball (4-5)
    Manager Pitch Transition (6)
    Manager Pitch (7-8)
    Minors (9-10)
    Majors (11-12)
    Pony (13-14)
    Colt (15-16)
    Palomino (17+)

    Intro to T-ball (3-4)
    T-ball (4-5)
    U6 Manager Pitch Transition
    U8 Manager Pitch
    U10 Fast Pitch
    U12 Fast Pitch
    U15 Fast Pitch

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